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Parque Joyero

The complex ‘Parque Joyero de Córdoba – Espacio de Negocios’ is a unique enclosure, designed to provide the best service to the jewellery sector, and since 2008, also to companies involved in other activities, that are slowly joining our excellent facilities. Our complex is taking the form of a cross-sectional industrial park, where a lot of companies benefit of the best and most safe emplacement, as well as taking place in the business group.


Currently, it is still a complex mainly focused on jewellery, being the largest group of companies from said sector in Spain and Europe. It gathers companies dedicated to the manufacturing and marketing of jewellery, goldsmithing and watchmaking.


Parque Joyero de Córdoba – Espacio de Negocios appears to provide the Cordovan jewellery sector, and as a result, the Spanish jewellery sector, a flagship that represents them in the most demanding markets in the world, generating also an important infrastructure for other industries to use. It is a modern and functional area where companies and visitors have access to high quality services that gives the enclosure a unique identity in the world.


Cordoba’s Fairs and Conventions Center, the Jewellery School, the restaurant, the General Services Building and business premises complement the factories and constitutes a professional space designed for the comfort and safety of the visitors.


The information about the complex and all the companies that it includes, is available to the public in www.parquejoyero.es, along with other services as news of the park and companies, conventions, company meetings…


Parque Joyero de Córdoba-Espacio de Negocios is pleased to welcome you to our web and invites you to visit our facilities.

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